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Last Update: February 6, 2015

The Pittsburgh Film Office serves the public and film community by posting information about cast and crew notices/job opportunities, film screenings, speakers, film festivals, contests, and any other information that the Pittsburgh Film Office wishes to administer to the public.  

The hotline serves as a resource of all film related activity in the southwestern Pennsylvania region.  

Updates are made on a daily or weekly basis when new information is brought to the attention of the PFO for distribution.  Daily, the film office receives requests from film production companies, local businesses, casting directors, and filmmakers.  The film office pays careful attention to those postings included on the information line.  Please use the contact information within each posting for more information.

If you would like to post a job opportunity, casting call, film screening or event please email [email protected] or call the Pittsburgh Film Office at 412-261-2744.  Please note: a minimal posting charge may apply in some cases.

The hotline can also be accessed through a 24-hour automated information line.  To access the information line please call 412-281-3343.

PLEASE NOTE: The number of listings received by the Pittsburgh Film Office daily precludes us from conducting a thorough review of the posting organization. These postings are a reference to local filmmakers and actors.  It is your responsibility to make sure the people involved in the notice you reply to are legitimate.  The Pittsburgh Film Office assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions.  All information is the responsibility of the individual making the posting. Appearance on this website does not represent an endorsement by the Pittsburgh Film Office staff.

For casting calls: Never go alone.  Never agree to pay anyone anything for auditions or jobs.  You should not be asked to pay to audition for an acting or extra job...EVER!  The production company or individual is to pay you for your work.  In some instances extra work may not pay, but that will be mentioned in the posting.  If anything ever seems questionable ask questions before signing up to do the work.



If you would like to submit a casting call, crew notice, or any other film-related posting, the PFO asks that you follow these guidelines:

For office use only, please provide the name of the production, the shooting location/dates, and contact person with phone number and email.

For the actual post, please be as detailed as possible.  If it is a crew notice, describe the positions needed, the travel requirements, compensation, required application materials (resume, contact information, etc.), and best means for contacting the production.

If it is a casting call or specific shoot date casting, please provide exact dates and times if possible, specific role requirements (age, height, hair color, etc.), travel requirements, compensation, required application materials, and best means for contacting the production.

All posts are reviewed by the PFO and you will be notified when the post is approved or denied.  Thank you for your compliance.