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Pittsburgh is the location for all types of production. From large-scale, big-budget, feature films to single-video-camera industrials, you will find the same level of cooperation, enthusiasm, and support from the entire community. You can find the "look" you want, the personnel you need, and all of the vital production resources to make it happen. Think of Pittsburgh as a "one-stop shop".

Pittsburgh is the location for diversity. An urban center, historic neighborhoods, country estates, and contemporary suburbs can all be found within one-half hour's radius of downtown. You will also find period architecture, modern skyscrapers, industrial sites, and small towns available for location filming.

Pittsburgh is the location of versatility. In recent years, the Pittsburgh area has been filmed as New York City, Washington, D.C., Detroit, Indiana, and Maine. Pittsburgh's chameleon-like ability to become other cities or areas will help you save on production costs.

Pittsburgh is the location of experience. Over the years, Director George Romero and public television station, WQED, have provided opportunities for local Pittsburghers to work on national and international productions. In addition, Pittsburgh-based advertising companies, production houses, and television stations have built a talented, local, crew base.

Since 1990, over 101 feature and television films have called Pittsburgh "home". This year, we look forward to serving your production. Along with a cooperative, local, community and government, the personnel and resources in this directory will help ensure your production's efficiency and success.

The Pittsburgh Film Office can assist you before, during and after your production.

Please, give us a call for information, photographs, or assistance.

Let Pittsburgh be the location for you.

Dawn M. Keezer, Director

Map of Pittsburgh Visit this link for a map of Pittsburgh.