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Open Casting Call!
for Speaking & Non-Speaking roles in Ethan Coen’s new film shooting in the Pittsburgh PA area.

10am – 4pm
3 Rivers Studios
4100 Steubenville Pike, Pittsburgh, PA
(event outside; all candidates MUST wear masks)

This untitled comedy follows two queer young women in ‘99 on a road trip from Philadelphia to Tallahassee.

Pre-Register ASAP (not required but helpful):
[email protected]
Subj line: Pre-Register 8/20, first/last name. Incl: name, ph/email, 2 recent cell phone photos, a bit about YOU! We’ll reply w/full info, etc.
LGBTQ+ encouraged to attend!
We are committed to diverse and inclusive casting.

There is NEVER a fee to submit. Any such claim is fraudulent.

Open Casting Call

The following is posted on behalf of DeLisi Creative:

We’re thrilled to be working w/Ethan Coen once again, casting both speaking & non speaking roles!! This is going to be a SUPER FUN FILM! Seeking ALL types!

UNTITLED ROADTRIP COMEDY:  This untitled comedy follows two queer young women in ‘99 – on a road trip from Philadelphia to Tallahassee.



  • VARIOUS PEDESTRIANS, RESTAURANT & AIRPORT PATRONS: All ethnicities/ages. Single individuals or families, couples, and friend groups, please submit together.
  • LESBIAN PATRONS (& STAFF) AT LESBIAN NIGHTCLUB: All ethnicities/ages. Some scenes involve consensual touching. LGBTQ+ strongly encouraged.
  • LESBIAN ATHLETIC TYPES: Female, 20’s. All ethnicities. Some scenes involve consensual touching. LGBTQ+ strongly encouraged.
  • 1970’s “HIPPY” GUYS: Male, 20’s. All ethnicities. Long hair preferred (reminiscent of the 1970’s). Actual friends encouraged.
  • BLUES BAND (SPECIAL ABILITY BG): All types. Note if you have experience playing in a blues band &/or playing an instrument. You won’t be playing music; rather you’ll be miming “playing” your instruments.
  • TRUCK STOP DINER TYPES (& STAFF): All ethnicities/ages. Great character type faces encouraged. Think: Georgia diner truck stop.
  • UPSCALE RESTAURANT/HIGH END HOTEL GUESTS (& STAFF): All ethnicities/ages are encouraged. COUPLES encouraged. Note staff experience, if any.
  • WEALTHY FLORIDIAN TYPES: 40-70’s. All ethnicities.
  • POLICE OFFICER: All ethnicities/ages. Great character type faces encouraged. Note experience, if any.
  • BELLBOY at High End Hotel: 20’s–30’s. All ethnicities. Great character faces encouraged. Note if you have bellboy experience at high end hotels.
  • REPUBLICAN SENATOR’S WIFE & KIDS (still photo shoot): Actual families &/or sibling sets encouraged. Blonde kids; buttoned up, conservative, nice looking.
  • AIRPORT TICKET COUNTER EMPLOYEE: All ethnicities/ages. Great character faces encouraged. Note airport work experience, if any.
  • YOUNG MARIAN: Female. Long Dark Hair. Age 11-13. Physically confident. Must be comfortable jumping on a trampoline. Round face. Tomboyish.
  • OLD MAN AT MOTEL DESK: Caucasian. Male. Late 60’s-80’s. “Not Well.” Pale. Sickly complexion. Practically on oxygen.
  • LIMO DRIVER: All types. Male. Professional.



  • WAITER: Caucasian. Male. 30’s-40’s. Means business. Grizzled; not too tough.“Pro Waiter” takes job seriously, stone faced. Physically capable; gets into a fight. Italian type w/paunch welcome. Note waiter experience.
  • CARLA: LGBTQ+ encouraged. All types. Female identifying. Late 20’s-30’s. Fun, bright, full of life. Must be comfortable w/upper body/partial nudity (waist up) & implied sexual acts.
  • DJ @ A LESBIAN BAR: LGBTQ+ encouraged. All types. Female identifying. Live wire! Great w/improv. Can command a room! Note if you have DJ experience.
  • AMBER: LGBTQ+ encouraged. All types. Female. 20’s-30’s. Party girl; giggly. Lives in the middle-of-nowhere. Somewhat callow. Goes back to hotel w/lead.
  • DOREEN: LGBTQ+ encouraged. Caucasian. Female identifying. Early 20’s. Physically fit, like a US Women’s Soccer Team member (Megan Rapinoe type).
  • COP: All types. Male. Very “DRY.” REAL. Natural voice (bonus if legit Georgia accent, but not required).
  • SOCCER GIRL 1 & 2: LGBTQ+ encouraged. All types. Female identifying. Early 20’s. They live for soccer & slumber parties. Some scenes involve consensual touching.
  • ROYAL OAK HOTEL LOBBY CLERK: All types. Male. 30’s-40’s. Affable. Positive, upbeat, people person. Note if you have hotel clerk experience.
  • THUG: Caucasian. Male. Beefy. A “lug.” Looks imposing. Tough, brutish & intimidating. Street mugger type.
  • HOTEL RESTAURANT WAITER: All types. Male. “Professional” waiter. DRY type. Non expressive, stone faced; he doesn’t try too hard. Please note if you have upscale waiter experience.
  • NEIGHBOR MAN: Caucasian. Male. 30’s-40’s. Tubby, unshaven PBR swillin’ kind of guy; heavy gut (thinning, tufted hair guys encouraged).
  • NEIGHBOR WOMAN: Caucasian. Female. 25-35. Long hair. Classic beauty. Must be comfortable w/full body nudity (very tasteful scene). ‘80’s shapely bodies encouraged. She swims naked, gets out of the pool, swishes long hair & pulls on her cowboy boots (Farrah Fawcett or Jaclyn Smith aka Charlie’s Angels type or we’re open minded).
  • MAN GETTING PLASTER CASTED: Caucasian. Male. Early-mid 20’s; college aged. Lighter colored, longer hair preferred.
  • MAID: Hispanic, Latina, or ethnically ambiguous. Female. 30’s-40’s. Devout, sweet, kind face. Feels like someone’s Mom.
  • BELLBOY “Front of House”: All types. Male. 20’s-30’s. Note bellboy experience, if any.
  • AUNT ELLIS: African American. Female. 50’s – 70’s. Church Lady; genteel. Warm, but not bubbly. Formal warmth.


TO SUBMIT, read thoroughly; submit in entirety.

>> Email: [email protected]

>> Subject Line: Your First & Last name, role above, if applicable. UNION or NON-UNION. Pittsburgh local* (*this means you can work in the Pittsburgh PA area; NO TRAVEL WILL BE COMPENSATED.).

>> Attach 3-4 photos: full body & face close-ups (one smiling w/teeth). SHOW US YOUR PERSONALITY!

>> MUST follow instructions BELOW:

  • YOUR HONEST LOOK NOWTHE REAL YOU! Cell pics taken RECENTLY, not yrs ago. Pls no headshots, professional/studio pics. Pics should be cell phone style, honest portrayals of how you really look!
  • NATURAL: NO filters, retouching, or editing your real look! Don’t ‘hide’ unique features, smooth facial lines, etc.
  • We love INTERESTING faces w/unique features!

>> UNION or NON UNION: Either you’re a SAG AFTRA member OR non union (not ‘SAG eligible’).



  • COVID POLICY As a condition of employment, Plastercast Productions is mandating that all performers and those working closely with them be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. As per the CDC, fully vaccinated is defined as having a primary COVID-19 vaccine series for everyone 6 months of age and older, AND boosters for everyone ages 5+, if eligible. This is subject to limited, legally required exceptions(if a minor, accompanying parent/guardian must also be cleared to work via our covid team).
  • Work is happening near Pittsburgh, PA & surrounding areas(no travel will be compensated).
  • Both union & non union may apply.

GREAT ATTITUDE, open availability & a VERY flexible schedule is helpful; days frequently shift!


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Extras Casting is seeking paid background actors for Season 2 of “MAYOR OF KINGSTOWN”.

*Looking for kids, teens, adults of all ethnicities! Extras will portray TOWN LOCALS, SWAT/FBI/COP TYPES, PRISONERS, DINER PATRONS, NIGHT CLUB GOERS, & more fictional characters! Seeking wide range of diversity to create a town similar to Detroit, Michigan. Opportunities for multiple days work throughout the show.

Filming will take place from late June through October 2022.

We are committed to inclusive, diverse casting. Please submit without regard to age, sex, ethnicity, disability, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity or any other basis protected by law unless otherwise specifically indicated.



For more information on how to apply, please visit: or FOLLOW FACEBOOK: MOVIE CASTING PGH

From Academy Award nominee Taylor Sheridan, co-creator of Yellowstone, Mayor of Kingstown follows the McLusky family – power brokers in Kingstown, Michigan where the business of incarceration is the only thriving industry. Tackling themes of systemic racism, corruption and inequality, the series provides a stark look at their attempt to bring order and justice to a town that has neither.