Extras needed for up coming Music Videos, Horror & Scifi Drama Films shooting in Pittsburgh, PA

We will be at the New Dimension Comics store at Waterfront in Homestead/Munhall , PA

Time: July 20-21, 2019 for 12pm-4pm Saturday & Sunday

Age range between 7-60. Union & Non-Union welcome! Please bring your resume & portfolio.

Thank you!

Email: [email protected]

The First Night Of Summer is a modern day horror film.
It’s about Kem, a girl with a panic disorder and array of other mental illness on the last day of her junior year of high school.


-TENTATIVE SHOOT DATES: August 14th- October- 16th ( No one will be needed for every single shoot day and we won’t be shooting everyday during that time span)

-Please note the younger roles are to pass for high school age.

-All roles are open ethnicity

-The movie takes place mostly at night so be aware that these could be late shooting nights.

-Please note this is a micro budget film.


Director- Mark Sciubba

Assistant Director- Benjamin T Wilson

Casting Assistant- April Yanko


Kem (18-26) (LEAD) Must be able to pass for high school or at least ‘hollywood’ highschool

Kem is a forlorn 17 year old girl on her last day of Junior Year. She’s riddled with panic and anxiety mostly caused by her two “Friends” Taylor and Julia. She wishes she could get them out of her life for good but is too much of a pushover for her to ever make it happen. This character has two kissing scenes and one stunt. Must be comfortable with FX make-up and some action scenes.


Taylor (18-26) Must be able to pass for high school or at least ‘hollywood’ highschool

Taylor 18, a girl with extreme confidence in herself. A cool girl. The leader of the friend group. She feels the need to be in control of every situation she is in. This character has kissing scenes and scene of her making out in her bra but not real nudity. Must be comfortable with FX make-up.


Julia (18-26) Must be able to pass for high school or at least ‘hollywood’ highschool

Julia 17, A former nerd who doesn’t wanna be the nice girl anymore. She wants to party, be popular and have a boyfriend after being a wallflower at her old school.  She’s befriended Taylor and to a lesser extent Kem. Must be comfortable with FX make-up.


Max (18-26) Must be able to pass for high school or at least ‘hollywood’ high school.

Max 17, is a sweet guy who’s a little socially awkward. He has a huge crush on Kem which every one is aware of. Has kissing scene. Must be comfortable with FX make-up


Jerry (18-26) Must be able to pass for high school or at least ‘hollywood’ high school.

Jerry 18, is a constant flirt who loves to push people’s buttons. He prides himself on always being the center of attention in whatever room he’s in. He is dating Taylor. This character has one shirtless scene. Kissing scene in a bed. Must be comfortable with FX make-up.


Larry (18-26) Must be able to pass for high school or at least ‘hollywood’ high school.

Larry 17, is Jerry’s sidekick and bestfriend. He’s more interested in partying than hanging out with the girls. Must be comfortable with FX make-up.


Officer Frog (35-60) 

Officer Frog late 40s early 50s, Officer Frog is the leader of the small town’s police force. He’s a man who doesn’t do things exactly by the book because he cares about the people he comes across during his work. Has been working day and night on missing girl case. Must be comfortable with FX make-up.


Mrs. Morris (30-55)

Mrs Morris Late 30s early 40s, the mother of the missing girl. She was a go-getter and someone whose life went almost perfect before her daughter went missing. She now feels like a failure. She’s done everything she can to find her daughter but has not come close yet. Must be comfortable with FX make-up and a slight action scene.


Bailey (16-24)  Must be able to pass for high school or at least ‘hollywood’ high school.

Bailey is a freshman.  She wants to be a part of Taylor, Kem, and Julia but is stuck in what she considers to be a boring routine with her real friend Dana. She wants the life Kem is desperate to get out of. She is part of the search party and says wow a lot. Must be comfortable with FX make-up.


Dana (16-24)  Must be able to pass for high school or at least ‘hollywood’ high school.

Dana 15 or 16, basic girl who’s 100% satisfied with her current social status with Bailey. She can feel that Bailey is not though. She is part of the search party. Must be comfortable with FX make-up.


Carol (35-55)

Carol 40s, Carol is Kem’s mother. She’s a little bit of an alcoholic but loves her daughter. Must be comfortable with FX make-up.


Maria (18-26)  Must be able to pass for high school or at least ‘hollywood’ high school.

Maria 17, a modeling role. Just need to takes pictures of you for fake missing poster and one other scene. Only one in one scene. Must be comfortable with FX make-up.


-In addition to being paid(flat rate), all roles listed above will also receive an IMBD credit and full access to the film for their reels. Our goal for the film is to go on a festival run and then have it be distributed as widely as possible.

-If you would like to submit, please email [email protected]

-Send a headshot, resume, and reel if you have one

-We will notify you of the date for in person auditions

-Please format your email as follows:

ROLE NAME(S), Audition Submission for FIRST NAME, LAST NAME


Thank you for following our guidelines and we look forward to seeing your submissions!

Title: Turtle Island

Company: Fables Cradle LLC

Short Film, Drama, Non-Union

Filming in Pittsburgh area

Shooting Dates: Select dates in Aug-Sept 2019, mostly weekends

Roles Needed

Irene –  female (18-30) guarded, sensitive, non-trusting young woman must come to grips with her mother’s death and a bad decision with a suave young man before finding her way again.


Andrea – female (40-60). Preferably of Native American ancestry.  A strong matriarchal figure who takes in broken families to provide safety, discipline and love and a second chance.


Brock – male (18-32) . confident, suave, loverboy with a gift of gab who sweeps naive Irene off her feet but also has a dark side.


If interested, send headshot and resume to: [email protected]

subject: CASTING



Seeking two actors to play the lead roles. Positions are paid, and shooting will take place in August. Please send resume, headshots, and acting reel if you have one to [email protected], and include the role you wish to audition for as the subject of the email.

Doctor Daniels – PAID $200/day

MALE, aged 40-60

Doctor Daniels is an unassuming biology and archeology researcher working for the mysterious SCP Foundation. After one of the paranormal subjects he’s been researching, Subject SCP-096, escapes and causes absolute havoc, he’s brought in to answer for the mistakes of his department. He may, however, know more than he’s letting on.

Inspector Arlia
– PAID $200/day

MALE or FEMALE, age 30-45

Inspector Arlia is a cool, collected investigator for the upper brass of the SCP Foundation. Ever the professional, they award Daniels no mercy or patience– despite the Doctor’s obvious trauma. Arlia, however, is playing a bigger game of cat and mouse than Daniels could possibly understand.

Company: Independent Ventures

Description: Celebrates an unsung hero at the Battle of Kharkov in 1943.  Like many women of her day, Trudy Fischer didn’t get a chance to prove herself until fate intervened, but is largely unrecognized to this day owing to the ingrained prejudice against female auxiliaries of  the time who were relegated to the role of dispatch runners and considered expendable by the Wehrmacht.  Timely even for today, where workers are often unappreciated and underpaid.

Roles Needed:

Lead: One young (16-30 years old) Caucasian female to portray ‘Trudy Fischer’, a real-life heroine of the Battle of Kharkov who was a bicycle dispatch runner in the Second World War.
Supporting Role: One mature (25-70 years old) Caucasian female to portray her mother, ‘Greta’.

Paid: 2 day time-commitment. $150.00 Cash per diem, per participant, Lunch included.

Shooting Date(s):  Selected Dates in June-July, 2019.

If interested, contact Jim Ahearn

Phone: 412-804-8653      E-mail: [email protected]

Extras Casting is seeking paid background actors for Season 1 of “I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS”.

**Looking for extras who can portray HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE AGE STUDENTS for multiple days
of filming. Extras will also be portraying FOOTBALL TEAMS, FANS, HS STUDENTS, BASKETBALL

We are committed to inclusive, diverse casting. Please submit without regard to age, sex, ethnicity,
disability, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity or any other basis protected by
law unless otherwise specifically indicated.

Filming takes place in Pittsburgh in early JUNE – AUGUST.
Those interested should apply by email to: [email protected]

For more information on how to sign up please visit: www.movieextraspittsburgh.com


Based on the graphic novel of the same name by Charles Forman, I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS is a
coming of age story about a quirky, sarcastic teenage girl navigating her way through the typical trials and
tribulations of high school life, all the while dealing with the complexities of her family, her budding
sexuality, and… mysterious superpowers just beginning to awaken from deep within her.