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Non-union tv pilot episode
looking for the following:


Steeling the Show

A dark situational comedy, with a sprinkle of drama, reflecting the eclectic nature of filming an industry tool in Pittsburgh, hammered by the world wide pandemic, and what the future might hold for the cast.  A story within a story, working in the industry…


(Player 1) (27 to 37 yrs, Male): Lead, young up and coming brilliantly creative director, who films the Pilot ideas.  After casting them with his assistant & hired Casting Director

(Player 2) (20 to 25 yrs, Female): Lead, new to the industry, saucy, spicy, extremely intelligent Hispanic assistant, accent and all, who secretly has a crush on the young director

(Player 3) (45 to 55 yrs, Male): Lead, Pilot Ghost Writer, the pilot ideas are not the young directors but are the work of this ghost writer, who constantly bashes heads with the young director, and who just happens to be his blood relative.  Probably end up being his uncle.

(Player 4) (Age not determined, Female): Lead, An Ingénue is completely acceptable. The Ukrainian Internet romantic love interest of the ghost writer, heavy accent acceptable.

There are multiple cast members in pivotal positions, surrounding our leads, family members to start, an elderly female matriarch in particular, working talent positions, such as the camera man, sound man, lighting, makeup, hair stylist, wardrobe, office staff, etc.  All Players are in the TV troupe.

All actors chosen for the Pilot, will be given the opportunity to play in the actual TV series. 



We are doing everything in the digital realm these days, so the first step is to send headshots & a resume to our email [email protected]

This places you in our database and puts you on our radar with this company.

But you do not need to have been discovered yet, or even had done much work, to register with us.

Of course knowing how to take direction and understanding English, is certainly a priority. 

You will be contacted by our staff for an audition, if there is any real interest.