We are casting multiple secondary roles for “Lone Rider”, a coming-of-age psychological drama feature film shooting in Pittsburgh in early-to-mid December. All roles will only be needed for 1 day of shooting. Exact date TBD.

Below is a list of parts we are currently casting. The sides for these roles are attached. Please send video or link to video with reading of sides and include your name, age, contact info, and where you live. Thanks.

Flea Market Merchant (Female)

30-50 year old woman. She must be a vibrant, middle class, “cool mom” type, go getter whom no one would be surprised that she owns a business.

Ring and Stare Lady

70+ Year Old woman. Looks her age, needs a walker to get around, should probably be looking at assisted living homes, a little “out of it”.

Mr. Schultz

60+ years old. Upper class, wealthy and looks the part. Very charming and confident. Owns a yacht. Nice guy, but has an ego in there.

Mrs. Schultz

60+ years old. Upper class, wealthy. Always smiling, almost to the point where it’s creepy. Thinks the world is full of butterflies, rainbows, milk, and honey. Hasn’t been angry or frustrated in 20 years.

High School Teacher (Male)

Anywhere from 35-60. Extremely animated. Like Matt Foley from SNL, or Eric Thomas the motivational speaker. Always screaming/yelling. It’s as if he takes a redbull every 30 minutes.


40-60. “Cool” business man. One of those CEOs that always wears jeans and a blazer. Charming, maybe a little mischievous. Means well, but is a go-getter. Hard working.


**Also looking for 1-2 Jet-Ski /Waverunner owners that would be interested in having both themselves and their jet ski in the film. Could add 1-2 lines if interested**


Please send all videos and emails to : [email protected]

Script Readings:

Ring and Stare Lady


Mrs Schultz

Mr Schultz

HS Teacher

Flea Market Merchant