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All safety precautions will be adhered to during production: masks unless performing, lots of sanitizer, 6 foot distance where possible. We expect all members of the team to monitor their health and let everyone know of any issues and of course be safe in their daily life!!

Early Winter or early spring shoot.

Synopsis: Vivienne is a living zombie. She is not a walking corpse but rather has been bitten by an assailant and infected with a new bacteria that needs brain tissue to survive and temporarily takes over the host’s mind to attack others and feast on their brain. While investigating the attack on Viv, Detective Stam, a not-so-talented cop, may have solved a series of murders committed by the “Brain Surgeon” killer. He puts it all together…or so he thinks.

Director states: “This film is a throwback to 80s genre horror but, we hope, with a bit more skillful writing. The tone is generally light but with plenty of gore and sensuality. Unless noted, roles are open to all ethnicities.”

Cast supplies own wardrobe, except for those characters/scenes where blood effects are used, the production will supply wardrobe in these cases.

PAY: $25 day plus food/drink.

please submit pics, links to reels etc. to:

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Vivienne (Lead): Female, 25-40

the star of the film. Typical single professional woman who is attacked in her yard after a night out. Within days after the attack, her faculties slowly degrade and she enters a “zombie-like” state as the infection grows. Note: Role requires some fight scenes that can be intense–involving biting another actor (safely and sanitary of course), being bit, and a fair amount of gore makeup and fake blood. Role also involves one topless scene and one full-nude scene (both non-sexual). The topless scene involves Viv attacking and eating a man’s brain after seductively luring him to her house; the nude scene involves her finding the body in her house (not remembering what happened) just before taking a shower.

Det. Bob Stam (Lead): Male, 32-42

a cop of, at best, average ability. A nice guy. Tries hard, but just not that bright and puts his foot in his mouth a lot. Trying to garner a reputation as a crimefighter, he works really hard on Viv’s attack and links it to a series of murders where the victims’ brains are taken out.

Phil (Supporting): Male, 23-30

a new detective. Green but very smart. Stam is his training officer.

Det. Staziowski (Supporting): Male, 46-65

typical older arrogant detective. Slightly inappropriate with outdated terms for different demographics.

LT (Supporting): Female, 43-60

the head of the detective quad. Middle-aged, hard-nosed, and hates her job and all the cops under her command. A special disdain for Stam.

Steven Powers (Supporting): Male, 25-30

Viv’s attacker and the genesis of the infection (or so we think). In normal life, he is a regular hardworking young guy. Role involves (safely) biting Viv in the leg and is bitten by another character.

Matt (Supporting): Male, 45-70

Viv’s boss, an executive at the firm. A strange and aloof man, fascinated by police and crime in general.

Jenn: Female, 41-70

Executive at Viv’s work. Real hard-ass woman who had clawed her way to the top.

Boss (Supporting): Male, 35-61

Steve’s old boss. A disgusting slob of a man. A bit of comic relief.

Retired Man (Day Player): Male, 56-75

one half of a retired couple who was almost attacked earlier. Very skeptical of Stam and a bit odd (not due to zombie infection, just natural).

Retired Woman (Day Player): Female, 56-75

one half of a retired couple who was almost attacked earlier. Very skeptical of Stam and a bit odd (not due to zombie infection, just natural).

Neighbor Lady (Day Player): Female, 45-70

Steve’s neighbor. Interviewed by Stam.

Dr. Willis (Supporting): Female, 28-40

the medical examiner. Very pretty and smart woman. Has a thing for Phil; Stam has a thing for her.

Male Victim (Day Player): 24-40

Viv’s victim. Regular guy who thinks it’s his lucky day when Viv invites him to her house. He is attacked violently and his brain eaten. Role requires fake blood and gore makeup.

Mailman (Day Player): 36-64

Average local mailman who is attacked by Viv. Gets away. Some minor fight choreography, falling.

Young Neighbor (Day Player): Male, 21-29

Young student or professional. Neighbor of Powers.  interviewed by cops.