Title: Turtle Island

Company: Fables Cradle LLC

Short Film, Drama, Non-Union

Filming in Pittsburgh area

Shooting Dates: Select dates in Aug-Sept 2019, mostly weekends

Roles Needed

Irene –  female (18-30) guarded, sensitive, non-trusting young woman must come to grips with her mother’s death and a bad decision with a suave young man before finding her way again.


Andrea – female (40-60). Preferably of Native American ancestry.  A strong matriarchal figure who takes in broken families to provide safety, discipline and love and a second chance.


Brock – male (18-32) . confident, suave, loverboy with a gift of gab who sweeps naive Irene off her feet but also has a dark side.


If interested, send headshot and resume to: [email protected]

subject: CASTING