Short Film Synopsis: Students visit an International Artist Installation with their advant-garde teacher. They are shocked and dazzled. One of them goes too far.

All members of the cast will be paid.  This is non-union.

Production at The New Hazlett Theater Mon 10/17/2022 thru Fri 10/22/2022

Actors Needed

  1. Anne Frankie character – age 18 to 25. She is thin and ethnic in appearance. Background is concentration camp. She is behind one of the doors.2. Newt – age 18 to 25. Male, Caucasian, is a little bit of a bully but is not a bad kid. He picks up on what is going on around him a little more slowly than the other students in the group. Slight attitude issue. Doesn’t follow directions.3. Darryl – age 18 to 25. Afro American, Honor Student, combo of “cool” & geek.4. Grace – age 18 to 25. Female, Caucasian. Very empathetic and connects with Anne Frankie when she opens that door.

    5. Giordano or Giordana – age 18 to 25. Italian American.

    6. Lila – age 18 to 25. Native American, Hispanic, Middle Eastern or Asian.

7. Nun – age 45 – 65.  Any ethnicity

Please email Michael Lies to apply :       [email protected]   (please provide headshot, height/weight/age & resume)