Company: Independent Ventures

Description: Celebrates an unsung hero at the Battle of Kharkov in 1943.  Like many women of her day, Trudy Fischer didn’t get a chance to prove herself until fate intervened, but is largely unrecognized to this day owing to the ingrained prejudice against female auxiliaries of  the time who were relegated to the role of dispatch runners and considered expendable by the Wehrmacht.  Timely even for today, where workers are often unappreciated and underpaid.

Roles Needed:

Lead: One young (16-30 years old) Caucasian female to portray ‘Trudy Fischer’, a real-life heroine of the Battle of Kharkov who was a bicycle dispatch runner in the Second World War.
Supporting Role: One mature (25-70 years old) Caucasian female to portray her mother, ‘Greta’.

Paid: 2 day time-commitment. $150.00 Cash per diem, per participant, Lunch included.

Shooting Date(s):  Selected Dates in June-July, 2019.

If interested, contact Jim Ahearn

Phone: 412-804-8653      E-mail: [email protected]