Micro Budget Feature Film

All Roles are Paid, Credited, IMDb Credit, Copy and Pre-Release Review Link.

Principle Photography intended for late September.

Request that all submissions include a head shot, resume and reel/sample work links (if available).

Character Name Demographic Age Range
Principles SARA Caucasian 22-28
ANANDA Indian American mid 30’s
CHARLES Caucasian mid 20’s
MELISSA Latina / Asian / Open 40’s
ELDERLY 1 Open Late 40’s
ELDERLY 2 Open Late 40’s
**** Samuel mixed / open 20 somethings
**** Mary
20 something
Rachel Late Teen
Roger African American 30’s into 40’s
Little Boy Blue open 10-13
able to carry bags
Reporter open avail.
Police Man 1 open avail.
Police Man 2 open avail.

Email submissions to: [email protected]