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Production is set to commence once appropriate rules/regulations are in place that will allow filming to take place.



Production title: Grandpa and Shorty

Production Company: White Ball Productions

Company website:

Director: Jeff Balmert

Writer: John Rokosz

Producer: Dax Parise

Email: [email protected]

Compensation: Yes. Daily Rate.



Now accepting remote video submissions.  Please submit your headshot and resume and we will send you sides for your video audition submission.

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Shooting Schedule:

Schedule will be determined by social distancing guidelines.  Updates to follow.


“A grizzled war vet fights to reconnect with his soldier son and the civilian world, when he gets stuck babysitting his bubbly 8 year-old grand-daughter for the day.”


Character Bios:

Grandpa: Male: Age: Late 50s-70s

Grizzled and grumpy. Boots on the ground, no nonsense, strong-willed; cannot show weakness or fault. He is loyal, and wants to protect the defenseless. Extraordinary military knowledge, but not necessarily “book smart.” Lonely because of his wife’s death, guilty because of his son’s estrangement, bitter because of the time he missed while serving. Warrior archetype; he must always have a mission.

Lizzy: Female: Age: 5-10

Cute and vivacious. A good girl who wants to please, but very candid and energetic, which can make her hard to handle. Loves her mom, idolizes her dad, apprehensive about Grandpa. Scared because of Grandpa’s grumpiness, cheated because of dad’s absence, bitter because of her own helplessness. Her favorite toy is a helicopter that her dad gave her “to guard while he’s away.” Explorer archetype; she wants to understand, and wants to be a big girl.

Mom: Female: Age: 30s

Gorgeous and tough. Military wife, a registered nurse, and a hell of mother. Strong conviction and moral character, takes care of her husband’s house and daughter while he is away. Expertly rides the line between strength and nurturing; enjoys a close, loving relationship with Lizzy. Caregiver archetype; wants to support everyone, and do it without help.

Dad: Male: Age 30s

Courageous and loving. Army medevac helicopter pilot in Afghanistan. Driven by duty and serving those in need, following in the footsteps of his father. Grandpa’s warnings to stay home with his family resulted in a rift between them, which is still unresolved. He is a skilled pilot, a strong warrior, but a softy for his wife and daughter. Explorer archetype; he wants to do the right thing.