on behalf of Mosser Casting:

Pays $200 per day. Filming in the Pittsburgh area.



~ Female Photo-double – Ages 6-9 years. (Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, East Indian, Italian, Greek) Tan Complexion. Black hair past her shoulders. Approx 3’9 and 52lbs. Must fit the following sizes: Size 6 shirt and pant. Shoe Size 10.5/11.*Request to sequester starting approx. February 18th to begin filming February 24th and needed through March 25th. There will be multiple filming dates in that time period so must have full availability with one guardian present at all times. This means that you will avoid large gatherings, events, hangouts with family/friends, restaurants, etc. Production will arrange for an on-set tutor.

Please put “PHOTO-DOUBLE” in the subject line when submitting


~One year old Korean Girl. Twins would also be great! Could even be family members who are close in age and size and strongly resemble each other. FEATURED role. We would love Mom to appear in this scene with them so please send your picture too! *Request to sequester starting approx. Friday, March 5th until filming begins approx. Friday, March 12th. This means that you will avoid large gatherings, events, hangouts with family/friends, restaurants, etc.

Please put “TWINS” in the subject line when submitting.



*Your child will be paid the day rate of $200 per day to adhere as much as possible to these guidelines. If you feel you can’t properly sequester because you have multiple family members or roommates in your home, let us know when you submit and we can make arrangements. We are trying very hard to make this a safe environment for all cast and crew!

*Multiple Covid tests are required during their sequester and work time span. Production will coordinate these and they will be administered by a Pediatrically-trained clinician. Guardian must also be tested during this time.

*We will ask that this be your only job during this time-span and that you agree to not work in-person at a day job, have your child go to school in-person or work on any other productions to limit Covid exposure. Must be eligible to work without sponsorship.

*Must wear masks and safety eyewear at all times except when asked to remove by Crew for lighting purposes. Must follow all Netflix Covid and Safety Guidelines at all times. All PPE will be provided.

Please send 2 CURRENT pictures in to [email protected] with the role you are submitting for in the subject line. Please do not send blurry, poorly lit photos. No hats or sunglasses. Remember, the Director picks based on photo submissions so it’s important to put your best foot forward! It’s never a bad idea to snap a couple recent pictures standing in front of a wall in good-lighting.

Please include the following in your submission:

  • Full Name
  • Cell Phone #, Child’s Age, Location, Height, and Weight

* Shirt and Pant size and Shoe size

* Would you need any accommodations if cast? If Yes, please explain.