On behalf of Mosser Casting:


Starring Oscar winner Christian Bale (The Dark Knight, The Fighter) & Harry Melling (The Queen’s Gambit). Directed by Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart, Out of the Furnace)

The Pale Blue Eye takes place in 1830 at a military academy where a veteran detective attempts to solve a series of murders with help from a cadet who will later become world famous author, Edgar Allen Poe.

Seeking Men ages 18-45 to portray Cadets and Officers. Experience with Marching or Drills is a plus so Military (former or active), Guard, Reserves, ROTC, Police, Marching Band, Dancers, Runners Etc. are encouraged to apply


  1. Filming in Pittsburgh weekdays from end of Nov–Mid-Feb. Pay is $168 for 12 hours. Expect 12hr work-days. We need Men with GREAT availability to work 10-12 days in that timespan.
  2. There will be a MANDATORY Bootcamp on 11/22 & 11/23 to learn marches & drills.
  3. Covid testing with Production will be required prior to Bootcamp, Fitting & scheduled work dates. Covid testing pays $50 when not working.
  4. MEN WILL BE EXPECTED TO LET THEIR HAIR AND SIDEBURNS GROW. Our Hair & Makeup team will trim to match the time period.  Must be willing to shave facial hair, if needed
  5. NO face, neck, chest or hand tattoos. No visible piercings.
  6. LEAN BUILDS!! Physiques were slim in the 1830s. Suit sizes 36-42 & Waists 30-36
  7. This Production of The Pale Blue Eye is committed to the safety and well-being of all team members, both in front of and behind the camera, by implementing careful health and safety protocols. In line with the film industry standard for a safe workplace for all personnel, this production will require all performing artists (including background talent) and crew members in the performance zone to be vaccinated, and to provide proof to the Health and Safety Department before their first day of work.

To Apply:

 Please send 1 Waist-up and 1 Full-length Photo to [email protected] with the subject line “CADET/OFFICER”. No Hats or sunglasses and you should be the only one in the picture.

  • Height, Weight, Suit/Chest, Neck, Sleeve, Waist, Inseam, Hat and Shoe
  • Do you have any major conflicts between late November-Mid-February? (No filming on Holidays)
  • List any experience that is relevant to Marching or Military-type drills
  • Do you play any instruments?
  • Covid Vaccine status? (This Production will require proof of Vaccination)**Please do not send your card to us when submitting. The H&S team will ask for it.
  • Do you have any tattoos? If yes, where?